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Import duty bearing duty free of charge to provide imported bearings and imported industrial products through-train service. Tianjin Oumai Bearing Trading Co., Ltd. is a franchise of imported bearings and industrial products trading company, my company has the main advantages of brand SKF bearings, FAG bearings, INA bearings, NSK bearings, NTN bearings, IKO bearings, RHP bearings, railway bearings, etc. High-quality requirements of the imported bearings, the company's products covered by the application of products related to coal mines, machinery manufacturing, electricity, paper industry, textile, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgical and other industries.
     The company is located in the beautiful coastal city - China - Tianjin, our company for the faster to provide users with a full range of services, the Company of "integrity-based, quality first, service-leading" business philosophy, established a strict Of the management system so that enterprises in the fierce market competition in the steady progress of development.
     By strengthening the brand, market and customer relationship building, to further enhance the company's brand in the domestic market influence and reputation. "Ou Meite" service system to establish and improve, and establish a "good faith, win-win situation," corporate image. To solve the bearing buyers to buy imported bearings encountered difficulties in finding goods, long cargo and other difficulties, to provide users with high-quality imported bearings, rapid distribution, reduce the user because of the lack of bearing production delays and losses. In order to facilitate the selection and consultation of users around the company to establish a complete model of the database, the establishment of technical support team, user-friendly online inquiries. To the cash distribution to win the trust of users, with the shortest shipment, the most preferential prices for customers to maximize the benefits.
     I look forward to all the staff of your company's cooperation, create brilliant!
Second, the advantages of brand
     SKF Bearing, Schaeffler FGA bearings, according to INA bearings, NSK bearings NSK Bearings, Dong Sheng IKO bearings, TU Tien NTN bearings, Timken TIMKEN bearings, FAFNIR bearings, TORR bearings, GMN bearings, SNR bearings Bearing bearing, JK bearing, JNS bearing, EZO bearing, MTR bearing, TSLIBAKI bearing, MRK bearing, TOK bearing, KSK bearing, NB bearing, EASE Bearing. Bearing: TIMKEN bearings, FAFNIR bearings, KAYDON bearings, RBC bearings, BARDEN bearings, AURORA bearings, BCA / BOWER bearings ULAND bearings, FK bearings, KAHR bearings, MRC bearings, RODRIGUEZ bearings, SCHATZ bearings, SMITH bearings, NHBB bearings. Germany bearings: INA bearings, FAG bearings, ASKUBAL bearings, DURBAL bearings, CEROBEAR bearings, GRW bearings, STIEBER bearings, GMN bearings, IGUS bearings, Swiss bearings: RMB bearings, Italy bearings: CPM bearings, RODOBAL bearings, ROLLON bearings, RODOFLEX bearings , RODOGRIP bearings, RODOSET bearings and many other well-known brands.
Third, the distribution series
     Deep groove ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, hydraulic pump bearings, aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, thrust roller bearings, needle roller bearings, Bearing ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, double row tapered roller bearings, double row tapered roller bearings, spherical plain bearings, radial bearings, miniature bearings, linear motion bearings, needle roller bearings, composite roller bearings, thrust angular contact ball bearings, And cage assemblies and other series.
Fourth, business philosophy
   1, integrity services
   2, sustainable development
   3, first-class brand
   4, service to create value
Five, covering the national sales network
    Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Harbin, and so on. Please contact us for more information. Please contact us for more information. Please contact us for more information. Came to discuss cooperation.
Tianjin Ou Meite Bearing Trade Co., Ltd. distribution of the brand as follows:
NSK Bearings Japan Seiko Co., Ltd. Bearing
NTN Bearing Japan Japan Toyo Bearing Company
NACHI bearings Japan Japan Fuji Iron and Steel Industry Co., Ltd. bearing
NMB Bearing Japan Japan miniature bearing company
ASAHI bearings Japan Japan Asahi Seiko bearings
FYH bearings Japan Japan Kobayashi Seiko bearings
THK bearings Japan Japan Dili industry that is Kay linear guide series bearings
IKO bearings Japan Japan Thomson bearings
JAF bearing Japan Japan JAF bearing company small deep groove ball production
JNS Bearing Japan Japan Needle Roller Bearings (similar to IKO production type)
EZO bearings Japan Japan EZO bearing company miniature bearings
IJK Bearings Japan Japan Inches Bearing Co., Ltd. Bearing
WTW bearings Japan Japan small ball bearings
EASE bearings Japan Japan T open bearings company linear guide series bearings
KYK bearings Japan's Japan's three-bearing production
IKS bearings Japan Japan spring of Seiko bearings
HIC Bearing Japan Japan Osaka Bearing Manufacturing Company
FBS bearings Japan Japan Fuji Seiko bearings
AKS bearings Japan Japan days moved to the ball production
NB Bearing Japan Japan linear bearing series
MTR bearings Japan Japan rod end joint bearing series
KSM bearings Japan Japan South port machine bearings
KSK bearings Japan Japan stainless steel bearing series manufacturers
TSLIBAKI bearings Japan Japan Tsubaki bearing one-way bearing chain
MRK Bearings Japan Japan thrust ball bearings
Germany imported bearings brand
FAG bearings Germany Germany Schaeffler bearing company
INA bearings Germany Germany according to needle roller bearings
AGE bearings Germany Germany Alfred .. Messer ball bearing factory
AKT bearings Germany Germany Alte Kubel bearing factory
ASK bearings Germany Germany Altuer Seifu ball bearing factory
DKF bearings Germany East Germany Leipzig ball bearing factory (90 years into the FAG)
DWS, DKP, DURK0PP bearings Germany to Seoul test company (incorporated into the FAG)
GMN bearings Germany Germany George Miller Ball Bearing Joint Company
GRW bearings Germany Germany Rhine Ford brothers
NGW bearings Germany Germany Na Wei Fu Felixi Ke Si Co., Ltd.
STAR Bearing Germany Germany Star Ball Bearing Co., Ltd.
STIEBER bearings Germany Germany Stipper one-way bearing
REXROTH bearings Germany Germany Rexroth hydraulic pump bearings
IBC bearings Germany Germany precision ball bearings American brand
US imports bearing brand
ABC bearing the United States of America precision bushings company large rolling bearings
ACORN bearing the United States of America Aikang bearing company
AETNA Bearings US American Rolling Bearing Factory Manufacturing Association
AURORA bearings US sliding bearing rod end bearings
AHLBBER bearings US Albert bearing company
AKBMC AMERI KOYO bearings US foreign light bearing manufacturing company
AMERICAN bearings US United States of America manufacturing company
ANDREWS bearing the United States of America Andrews bearing company
ANN ARBOR AAB bearings US Anbo Bearing Manufacturing Company
ATB bearings US American car thrust bearing company
AUBURN bearings US American American ball bearing company
BALL & ROL bearings American ball, rolling bearing company
BARDEN bearings US United States Barton precision high-speed ball bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings
BANTNA bearings United States United States Bantam bearings
BBC bearings American American needle roller bearings
BCA Bearing US American Bearing Company - Union - Moore Distribution
BROWNING bearings US US seat bearing
BOWER bearings the United States of America Bauer roller bearing company
BREMEN bearings US United States Bremen bearing company
COLG BRG bearings United States United States Kaergai Te bearing company
CHAM PION bearings American American ceramic bearings oxide Hao silicon nitride bearings
CONSOLIDAATDE bearings American rolling bearings
CONS, BRGS Bearing United States United States United Bearing Co., Ltd
DODGE bearings American American Dodge bearing seat bearing bearing units
FAFNIR bearing the United States and the United States Ferner Bearing Company precision ball and precision tapered roller bearings
NHBB bearings US United States miniature precision sliding joint rod end joint single row cylindrical roller bearings
FBC Bearing the United States of America Fischer Bearing Company
FEDERAL US American Bearing Company
GEN BRG bearing the United States of America General Bearing Company
GREEN bearings American United States Green ball bearing company
HOOVER bearings US United States Huver-NSK bearing company
KAYDON bearing the United States of America United States Jean company open the bearing part of the thin-walled bearing rotary unit
MBI bearing the United States Mai Singer bearing company
MPB bearings US micro-precision bearings
MORSE bearings US US one-way bearings
MRC Bearings United States United States Morgan Marin - Rockwell Rolling Linear Ceramic Hybrid Bearings
NFAG bearings US United States Norma FAG Bearing Company
ORANGE bearings United States United States Orlande roller bearing company
OSB bearings United States United States Osborne cam follow
REED bearings United States United States Reid instrument bearing manufacturing company
ROTEK bearings United States United States Rotaike company
SEAL bearings MASTER US United States Stevens Adamson Manufacturing Company, Sealed Power Bearing Parts
SPLIT bearings US United States Sprint ball bearings
SRB bearings American American standard roller bearing
STROM bearings United States United States Strom Bearing Company
TIMKEN bearings US US Timken bearings
TORRINGON bearings United States United States Torrington Limited (which has been acquired by Timken)
TRUMBULL bearing the United States of America Trumbull bearings and engineering company
TYSON bearings United States United States Tyson company
MCGILL bearings US United States Mo to even the needle roller cam follow the bearings
ROLLWAY bearings American American cylindrical roller bearings thrust roller bearings
NICE bearings US American ball bearings
SCHATZ bearings US American ball bearings
REXNORD bearings US US seat bearing bearing units
RBC Bearings United States United States Joint Rod End Joint Thin Wall Needle Roller Round
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